Getting Creative in Confinement

There is an old saying that says “every cloud has a silver lining.” Some may say that being cooped up at home for nearly a month has very little silver lining, but I am not so sure that it is completely true. We serve a Creator God, a God who speaks things into existence, who has created and continues to create. In Genesis it says we are made in the image of God. I conclude as I am made in the image of God therefore I am creative. A little extra time in a day provides an opportunity to be creative.

I have taken that with both hands, for me it is cooking, I have always enjoyed baking when I have had the opportunity. In this instance Bev my wife is travelling more, not less, as an essential worker and my mother-in-law is recovering from surgery, so I have largely taken on the cooking role. I have grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Cooking can be a truly creative experience as I work with colour, smell, texture and taste. It is truly stretching me as I plan meals and step beyond my tried and true repertoire. For me however it is a stimulating and challenging experience and as I build confidence it is becoming relaxing. No matter how this lockdown pans out I will be looking to cook more often after we break isolation. As we continue to update how PK works in lockdown there have been more opportunities to write, to try new media and skills. My next big step creatively is to experiment with video so watch this space.

As God started to talk to me about creativity I started to look around me. My friends and neighbours are being creative. My friend Peter has just written a book whilst in lockdown and parts of the Christian community are helping him edit it. One of my staff members is creating new games and activities for her children all the time and her husband is building them a radical playhouse. My next-door neighbour is an amazing gardener and the garden is getting better and better with some more time. On our Facebook page one of the brothers, Phil, is a wood turner and creating amazing bowls and creations. On the other side of us a neighbour has a beautiful 1964 Chevy Nova Hot Rod which is making the most glorious noises as he tunes it in the garage.

We need to expand our view of creativity and not be frightened of giving it a go! (I am talking to myself especially when comes to giving videoing a go.) What floats your boat? Which area did God make you creative in? Don’t be shy to give it a go who knows what you can achieve.

After all you are made in the image of God!

Let’s keep connecting with each other. The Promise Keepers Group on Facebook [here] is available for you to share your views and connect with other men across the country. This is the place where you can reach out for help; tell us how you are doing; or chat with the guys. If you want or need to chat, email me [here].

In the immortal words of Hill Street Blues “Let’s be careful out there!”

Paul Monahan

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