Who is Really on Your Side?

The Champion -

Now I am probably showing my age but I was looking at YouTube and I stumbled across something that triggered a lot of memories from my early Christian days in the early 1990s. I found a very grainy video of Carman singing The Champion! I remembered how excited we were, how our imaginations were fired up, at this epic portrayal of the battle between good and evil. Which of course we win with true late-1980s flair. Now I am not suggesting you find the video clip because by 2018 standards it is pretty corny, but back in the day… wow!

It started me thinking that beyond Jesus who are we called to emulate? We all still need champions in our lives who believe in us. Champions who stand up for us and what we believe in. People who meet us at an emotional level, who have confidence in us, in who we are, in who we can be and the importance of our destiny. These people are totally committed to us even when they face resistance and it may even cost them personally.

Our champions are not judgemental even when others may be. They are like the ideal grandfather - always proud when you succeed and can’t help getting out their brag book about their grandson when they meet others. Your champion thrives on your accomplishment, success and happiness!

If you need a champion in your life, have a look around for those who are always praising others, and consider if you can form a friendship with them. If you work out you have a friend who is a champion already, keep them up to date with how you are doing and what you are aiming to do! Remember we all need appreciation and thanks, so show your appreciation to them often.

There is a common saying around at the minute about “paying it forward,” so who in your life can you be a champion for?

Paul Monahan