Building capacity for future generations

PK PURPOSE 2022 | Building capacity for future generations

Today’s guest writer is Justin St. Vincent who serves as Chairman on the Board for PK.


I just wanted to share a massive THANK YOU!! to our incredible donors for their enormous generosity during this season. As PK steps in to 2022, we are so encouraged by the wealth of support provided by people just like you throughout New Zealand. It takes a team to make PK happen, and on behalf of our board, we are filled with gratitude and thankfulness that together we are making a significant difference in the lives of men, their families, communities, and churches.


2022 will be a year of PURPOSE. PK will continue to be passionately pursuing God’s plan for this ministry. As a board and the leadership of National Director, Paul Monahan, we are all-in for a purpose-filled 2022 where we will be pursuing three strategic areas for men’s ministry growth:


1). Getting back to a grassroots movement of growing great Men's Groups nationwide.

2). Developing a PK Locals strategy for the regions as we are stronger altogether.

3). Resourcing individuals and meeting needs of Christian men doing life together.


Purpose brings men together and with PK, advances God’s Kingdom for them to embrace, encourage, and empower them in their God-given giftings and talents. As men, we are better together. Because of PK, we are stronger together and better equipped as a man of God. We are created for community, and value Men Groups as a way to build authentic relationships and grow spirituality in our Christian faith.


Your donations and prayerful support of this mission enables PK to reach further, go stronger, and achieve more for the greater glory of God’s Kingdom. As supporters you literally keep the engine going with fuel in the tank providing the momentum for PK to go from strength to strength.


Just like you, I’m so passionate to see PK continue being a blessing for generations. Your giving enables PK to build capacity for men to get strength for today and give hope for tomorrow! If you’re still thinking about giving to PK, may I encourage you to give a financial gift today for Promise Keepers to purposefully build capacity for future generations. [For more details, please click here]


Blessings and Best Regards,

Justin St. Vincent