Being There for One Another

PK Brothers in Arms

My wife and I were chatting last night about the fact that this was a day that we would remember where we were when the announcement was made for New Zealand to go into lockdown. We both remembered other days like in 1990 when the Iranians attacked Tel Aviv in Israel or when Princess Diana died in 1997 or when the September 11 attacks occurred.

We are going into a place where most people of our generation have never been. Many of us have not lived through a world war. Now we find ourselves in a situation similar to a wartime footing but the war is against a virus. So I was thinking what would I like someone to support me with. So we came up with these thoughts.

We could double our emails to twice a week.  One being on-going support information that is going to help with our ability to cope with the extraordinary situation we find ourselves in. The other being our regular email that is covering the types of topics we have in past 18 months. The two days where possible will be Tuesday and Thursday.

What about making video content available from previous PK events to strengthen and encourage you over the coming weeks and possibly months. We have some awesome material in our archives.

Interaction is always good. The Promise Keepers Group on Facebook [here] will be available for you to share your views and connect with other men across the country. This is the place where you can reach out for help; tell us how you are doing; or maybe you just want a place to shoot the breeze with the guys.

I love working in small groups with others so for some time PK has published a regular study on the website for people to use with a group. I strongly suggest you use this opportunity to set up a Skype/Messenger or FaceTime group to maintain your connection with other men using these weekly studies [here] as a starting point. Connection with other men will be vital for your ongoing mental and emotional wellbeing. If you want support in setting up or developing this group please contact us [here].

I thought it would be great to call this part of the journey PK Brothers in Arms. Here is my PK Brothers in Arms thought for this week:

Limit the amount of time that you spend scrolling through information on the COVID-19 situation either online or through television. You may pick two or three times a day to either watch the news or see updates [here].

There is a possibility that if you were to continuously seek information, or frequently check social media, that it may be detrimental to your emotional wellbeing and your anxiety levels. We all need information but it can realistically be said we could also go into information overload over a period of time.

If you have any suggestions on what you’d like me to write about, email me [here]

In the immortal words of Hill Street Blues “Let’s be careful out there!”

Paul Monahan

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