7 Keys to a New Career Pathway

I’ve been reflecting on the fact that throughout 2020 we have all witnessed a change in the current economic climate. As I was praying about what could serve men during this season, it occurred to me that some may have recently found themselves looking at ways to reset, restart, or realign their career pathway.

If this is you, then embrace this season as a God-given opportunity to consider what your future career could look like. What better time to develop your qualifications and skills, than right now. I’m going to share with you a few things I’ve learnt from being in the media industry for over 15 years. These are all practical principles I’ve picked up along the way on this journey we call life.


Let me start with an important question: What are YOU passionate about?

If you can find a career pathway that matches your passion with your purpose, and resonates with your core principles and values, you’ve got a God-given opportunity to excel in your chosen field.

So, let’s get started on the principles.


1). Get Connected

Join LinkedIn for free online networking. Start developing industry connections, reach out to them for advice and insights on how to progress in your career field of interest. Ask them out for coffee, be keen to listen and learn, develop rapport, and ask them how they got started. Most people will be happy to share their journey and story with you.


2). Internships/Volunteer

Simply getting an internship is a fantastic “foot-in-the-door” way to secure industry experience that will add value to your career pathway. Work hard, be available, and show enthusiasm and genuine passion for the work. With these qualities, you’ll instantly stand-out, and be seen as adding significant value to the business. Aim to exceed expectations with excellence.


3). Join Industry Groups

Industry groups have various collectives or professional organisations that you can join. Pay the membership fee, and start attending their regular meetings or seminars to connect with like-minded people in the industry. You’ll be amazed how fast you can learn from others in these environments. Utilise them for industry education and networking.


4). Be a Student of Life

Adopt an attitude of continual learning. Readers are leaders, so read books, and listen to audiobooks that are of interest to your career path. Take action on the advice and insights you learn. Develop a curious mind that enjoys asking important questions which help generate insightful answers. That will add depth and meaning to your chosen career. Be coachable and teachable. Have a goal to develop yourself personally and professionally.


5). Get Educated

College and university provide excellent opportunities for you to apply yourself. Whether it is individual assignments, or group course work, you’ll essentially be learning how to learn, and allowing yourself the ability to work well with others. Teamwork is essential in most industries, and if you have a likeable work-ethic and proactive attitude, you’ll go far. Take opportunities that help progress your knowledge and connections in your career. Discover the critical skills you’ll need to develop.


6). Have Stick-ability!

Too often these days some of us can tend to accept new roles across multiple industries every one or two years. Show you can put in the hard-yards, are committed to the core business within your industry, and are wanting to grow in responsibility for your chosen career path. Be willing to learn from others that have already pioneered their own path in the business, and show you are in this for the long-term. Have a resilient mindset, and a desire to pursue a calling in your career. These two key principles, resilience and desire, will help guide you as you navigate your career pathway.


7). Pursue Your Passion

Choose a profession that continues to be energising and rewarding every day. “If you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life!” This brilliant quote is often true, and if you absolutely LOVE what you do, you’ll have the tenacity to stick around when the going gets tough. You’ll then be required to stretch and grow yourself into who God created you to be. If you can’t or don’t love what you do, think about having a creative outlet that helps fuel your passion tank every day or every week. Pursue your passions, and enjoy the journey.


I trust these ideas have provided some inspiration to make your next best step in your career pathway.


Be blessed in this new season ahead, and I pray that God will continue to open doors to your future.


Justin St. Vincent, Chairman, Promise Keepers (PK)



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