Christmas Blessings from PK

We send you our Christmas blessings over this holiday period. We hope and trust that you will be able to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour with family and your church community. We encourage you to take the time to pause and reflect on the profoundly amazing event that happened 2000 years ago with the birth of Jesus. We will be praying that God will bring you new revelation during this time.

While this year has been a difficult year in some aspects, we as the PK Network also acknowledge that it has been a rewarding time of growth, new innovation and continued connection. We look forward to 2021 with anticipation of the amazing things that God will do with us, in us and through us over the coming season. We are looking forward to travelling around the country making new friends and renewing old friendships. I know that in March on one weekend we will be in Kerikeri (Saturday 6 March) and the next weekend we will be in Invercargill (Saturday 13 March) so we are literally travelling the length and breadth of the country and we hope to catch up with you.

Please take some time out to just spend it with the ones you love, and be careful when you are out and about. A wise person once said that love is spelt TIME, often all people really want is you and some quality time with you. Check in with your mates and find out if they are okay over this holiday season as it can be a lonely time for some. If you want or need to chat, contact us [here].

The PK blog will keep going over the holiday period so enjoy them; some of them are a little more light hearted.

Paul and PK Office Team in Auckland