PK Vision Strategy

Our society is in the middle of a cultural shift that is denigrating our faith and marginalising men. Every day every person has decisions to make about how they live out their faith. PK has helped thousands of men to have clarity on making better choices, and is committed to doing more for men. We are focussed on leaving no man behind. To keep reaching men, PK must be fit and ready for battle.

Promise Keepers is transitioning into a new phase and this change has opportunities but also significant challenges. We can only make this transition if more people step up to financially support PK as Momentum Partners.

God has given us a clear vision for the ministry:

  • Helping men to wholeness.
  • Targeting Spirituality, Sexuality, Significance.
  • Developing community to strengthen men in these areas. We plan to accomplish this through online and face-to-face groups and events.

We need Momentum Partners to help us fulfil the vision.

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