Bring your key men together to watch the four sessions. Each session has discussion points where your group can work through the material and brainstorm how it can apply to your situation. This creates a team environment that you can springboard off to energise the Men‰’s Ministry in your church.

This course is run periodically as a live interactive webinar series. Groups from Kaitaia to Gore have participated in it. Other churches who have gone through the course offline have also found it incredibly powerful. You can enjoy the same benefits with this DVD-based training.

“‰The sessions were fantastic and [we] really enjoyed what was shared and were inspired for what we could do… Our first four [men‰’s] events this year have been an absolute success and numbers that would attend these events in the past have at least doubled now. We see a regular number of 25 attendees to our events out of a core of 40 men in the church.

This is awesome and it‰’s all because we‰’ve gotten organised with using your schedule and excited about it, and because we now have a large team who are keen to do their part and serve. There is a real energy and momentum running through it and we are believing that the breakthrough will come when our men start inviting their unsaved friends. Thank you for all the effort that you‰’ve put into your training materials, it‰’s really made the difference for us.‰”
Jonathan Smith, Frontline Church Kerikeri

“Men‰’s groups have now expanded to four from one originally. The webinar course was a very positive experience with excellent material. We also felt like part of the Body of Christ nationwide.”
Ben, Kaitaia.

“The number of men participating in men‰’s activities like breakfasts and golf has doubled since the webinar.”

“Attending the Webinar is achieving the desired results in moving the men from being completely static to having regular men’s events and starting 4×4 groups.”

“We spent some time afterwards praying in the Spirit together. We realised that if we as the leaders don’t spend time to grow spiritually, we can hardly expect anyone else to!”

“Absolutely fantastic. Really enjoying it. Helped the guys link together.”