Legacy 2018 Wellington

This is what the men said about LEGACY Wellington...

"The insights delivered by Aaron Ironside – lies, and long dark night of the soul – really resonated. Friday night worship was powerful. Spending time with my son, priceless." Andrew

"Always love the worship. The PK team sing in the right key... The speakers are all great and the Electives very informative, and I take much away. But the reason I come every year is the encouragement I get and the enjoyment I get knowing the men who come with me get a lot out of PK." Brent

"I really enjoyed hearing Daz as he keeps it real and I loved hearing the truth of the gospel in such a straight up and honest way. I think it helped a lot of people. Great speakers again this year." Iain

"The worship is awesome and the speakers are so powerful. The affirmation of being a man has been helpful to identity attacks. All speakers were amazing." Ezra

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More men's highlights...

"Having testimonies that are real and relevant. How to apply different strategies to myself as a man to overcome burdens and barriers." Tainui

"First time coming to Promise Keepers. First night going up front to say the prayer and give my life to Jesus." Brandon

"Great speakers. Very topical/relevant. Great having my son here! Really awesome worshipping God with all the men!" Nathaniel

"Awesome as usual. Loved Vince and his humour. Aaron Ironside's talk was absolutely brilliant. Difficult, hard - but so true. The band and lead singer were also awesome." Mark



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