Believe 2017 Wellington

This is what the men said about Believe Wellington Event...

"These Events just keep on getting more powerful by the year! Not taking my being a father and husband for granted... This is what I've learned at PK!"

Highlights - "High quality workshops. I was last at PK several years ago and was so impressed with the changes… Electives provided fantastic options for men to attend." Carl

"What I have learnt I can apply to my walk... The teaching was excellent and has encouraged me to not give up. Got good godly guidance and know God has something for the future." Allan

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More men's comments & highlights...

"I grew up without a real father, who didn't sow into my life. I'm 23 next month, and having sat through the Elective "Mentoring the Next Generation" was very important." Richard

"I came to PK 2017 spiritually flat. I was feeling lukewarm with my faith. I really enjoyed David Dusek's message on Power to Change Your Life. I needed to hear Richard's talk on Anointed for Work about releasing blessing in my workplace." Damian

"Loved the talk on Friday regarding fathers. This has opened my eyes on myself and my family issues." Eli


"The bond, friendships that I have been able to form. The worship with other godly men. I love it." Daryl

"Being reminded of the importance of having a small group of men that have my back."

"This time the conference was mostly an encouragement to press into my God and to passionately serve Him… The focus on God's work through the Holy Spirit deeply touched me. The message about our authority as sons of God has penetrated and I believe I will walk differently." Anon

"Fellowship with not only my son and grandson, but with complete strangers. Being able to freely express 'men's feelings' without embarrassment or judgement from others." Graeme

"I come to the Event to bring new or recommitted Christians. It is so they can experience something different." Lachlan

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