Pastor Appreciation Month – October

October is Pastor Appreciation Month—a season in which we are reminded to be grateful for our spiritual leaders. What are you most grateful for?

“In the last year, I have appreciated my pastor because…”

Why not write your response and share it with them? 

Richard wrote - "I appreciate our pastor Phil, because he honestly addresses any questions – public or private, in an honouring way. He honours the questioner by carefully listening and thoughtfully responding, without arrogance or time poverty and he checks in to see of the answer hit the spot!"

In what other ways could you and your church community thank the people who are at the forefront of serving you?

We would love to hear about how you do that!  Let us know [here]

PK Promise #5
A Promise Keeper is committed to supporting the mission of his church by honouring and praying for his pastor and by actively giving his time and resources.
Blessing Pastors at Promise Keepers

At Promise Keepers Influence 2016 Event, the men prayed a special blessing over Pastors. Led by Richard Brunton, the men were in agreement as they pronounced a blessing.



Hosanna Church in Porirua has really got on board with the concept of blessing their pastors. They recognise one of the pastoral team at every service in October. It ranges from giving the Pastor a rousing standing ovation to video messages from other leaders, PowerPoint presentations, meaningful gifts, skits and people standing to tell what Pastor Gary means to them (see below).

What Hosanna Porirua are doing this year for Pastor Appreciation Month...

"This month is Pastor appreciation month at Hosanna. This means we take the time to thank and encourage our awesome Pastoral team for all the work and time they give to help our Church thrive. Last Sunday we kicked off the month by rolling out the red carpet and awarding Gary Colville 'Pastor Of The Year 2017'."

How Hosanna Porirua gave tribute to their Pastors in 2016...

"On Sunday 9th October in our morning service we gave Pauline a standing ovation then our presenter/MC spoke: “To honour our Pastor’s wife, Pauline, we produced a PowerPoint photo presentation of her over the years, to honour her for her amazing generosity, wisdom, guidance, leadership, friendship and care here at Hosanna.” Our presenter also referred to Proverbs 31 – reading part of the scripture, acknowledging all her work and sacrifice made with her family to serve the church.  We gave her a gift (which included some of her favourite foods) as a sign of our appreciation of the way her contribution has enriched us in the church community. In the evening service during our announcement time, we again gave Pauline a standing ovation."

garyc"On Sunday 16th October in our morning service, we had a PowerPoint photo slide show of Gary [Senior Pastor]. It was a fun one that showed the many baptism outfits he has worn, the many styles over the years of both Gary and Pauline, different events we have run as a church, led by Gary i.e. outreaches here and overseas and many other clips, all accompanied by the old song ‘Fight On’. Even though it was [light-hearted] and many enjoyed his looks/styles over the years, it reminded us of his passion, creativity and zeal for God and the calling on his life to serve Him and his heart to reach the lost. This presentation was followed by a standing ovation that turned into a Viking clap - which is arms stretched above the head and clapping - while he came on stage ready to present the morning message. At the evening service he was given a standing ovation as he came on stage with a few encouraging words from our MC."