Set Free Men’s Breakfast

Livestream presentation with Aaron Ironside

What would it feel like to be truly free? Free from compulsive behaviours like overspending, eating too much, drinking to excess or being held in the grip of porn.

Aaron Ironside will reveal how we can cultivate inner strength and resolve to master these behaviours and live the lives God wants us to live.

Some men need help to break a porn addiction because it can have a stronger hold than other kinds of addictions. Paul Monahan will share the powerful results of the PK Set Free groups, and how getting involved can lead to experiencing a changed life through the power of God.

Join us for this exciting glimpse into living addiction-free and having mastery over your own life.

This breakfast presentation has now been completed, however it is now available for you to view on Vimeo.

Watch it on your own or with a group, at a time that suits you!


Aaron Ironside

Aaron is a counsellor who combines over a decade’s experience as a local church pastor and his postgraduate studies in psychology. In addition to being a popular speaker at many Promise Keepers Events over the years, he has been a radio host on the Southern Star network, as well as performing regularly as a stand-up comic - so you can be sure he will be engaging and educational. Aaron is a die-hard Warriors supporter and loves time with wife Debbi and their young adult children.