We Remember Jim Hurn

What an amazing (and humorous) funeral celebration for Jim Hurn we attended recently.

Jim said he spent 50 years teaching people how to live well. When he was diagnosed with a terminal illness he stated, “Now I will teach people how to die well”. What a fantastic testimony and legacy, with his children and grandchildren there.

Jim held a special regard for the mission and work of Promise Keepers and with his wife Kaye, invested heavily into men’s lives. The epitome of that was three nationwide tours, visiting up to 50 towns each time to hold meetings.

Jim also loved the camaraderie of the PK team during Event season. In his hometown of Tauranga he turned up for breakfast with the crew because he loved the company of the other men and the volunteer team.

You can watch Jim’s inspirational send-off [here]


Jim at Promise Keepers...

Jim Hurn - Reaching Others - 4 min

Jim Hurn - Following Instructions - 30 min


Jim's "Blokes Nite Out" Roadtrip Itinerary 2003
Jim's Words on Living and Dying

Death is not the opposite of life; death is the opposite of birth.

God is our Creator who allows us to be born. In His good time we depart this sphere of living and return to Him. Death is simply the anaesthetic God uses while He changes [our] bodies.

I have not left the land of the living; I have actually left the land of the dying, that I may enter the land where life is eternal.

I go in peace, having left my dying day to a living and loving God.