Fundraising – Leave no man behind!

Help other men get to Promise Keepers, so no man is left behind!

Over the years at Promise Keepers Events, we have seen many men have an encounter with God, experience His presence and His transforming power.  We want to ensure that all men have the opportunity to experience this. We don’t want to see any man left behind.

One of the challenges that needs to be acknowledged, faced, and overcome in mobilising men to attend the Event is finances. When your men tackle this challenge together, this forms a strong foundation to build on, so all your men can participate in and benefit from the Event.

Fundraising activities are not just great for team building within your Men’s Ministry, nor are they simply an end in themselves, but they are a means to something greater. They are the key to unlock opportunities to bring men into the kingdom.

Fundraising activities can build and strengthen genuine friendships, allowing every man in your church to be part of a band of brothers. The fundraising part of the Event preparation can be the glue that bonds men together so that your church can benefit from the powerful dynamic of men working together as a team.


Here are some fundraising suggestions...
  • Plan early and set up a “Fighting Fund” so no man gets left behind. Even partially funding the cost of a ticket can make all the difference.
  • Sponsorship – Some may be able to contribute to assist those who are struggling. Could Christian businessmen in your church or community help by making a financial contribution? During the church notices, ask if there are people in the congregation who would be willing to sponsor men to go to Promise Keepers.
  • Collect a small sum at regular meetings to go into the “Fighting Fund” – i.e. a small sum per week at men’s group (we have a spreadsheet available that can help you with this) or take a gold coin offering every time the men get together for activities during the year. Alternatively, men could save a couple of dollars a week themselves individually.
  • Organise a local fundraising activity – e.g. selling firewood. Other ideas are: woodcutting, sausage sizzle, clean-up projects, garage sale, car wash (get the youth involved). Use these activities as opportunities to make a connection with unchurched men.
  • Ask about using the church missions fund – because your local community is a missionfield! Money from your church missions fund could be used to pay for not-yet-Christian men to go with the Group.
  • Brainstorm for other funding ideas. If you come up with any winning ideas, please let us know so we can share them.


Promise Keepers’ commitment is that no man will be prevented from coming to the Event just because of the cost of the ticket.

Registration fees are set to cover the cost of running New Zealand’s largest Christian Events for men. However, we understand that not everyone can afford the cost of a ticket. Also, we recognise that for men who live outside the cities where Events are held, there is the added cost of travel and accommodation.

Please talk to us if you or someone you know is in that situation.

Phone 0800 PROMISE (77 66 47) or [email us here]